The Blue Planet

    ~ s ~ a ~ l ~ t ~ y ~~~ s ~ h ~ a ~ d ~ o ~ w ~ s ~
Salty Shadows aims to create ethically sourced and mindful products. 

Ultimately we are producing and therefore don't consider ourselves environmentally friendly by any means. We don't want to green wash or promote a sustainable product because if we are adding to the world then how can we be green?

What we do aim to do is create products that will last, are fully recyclable and use available methods to reduce impacts on our earth.

 Scrap material from the umbrella offcuts are used to create handles on our umbrella bags, tote bags and beach clutches. A  aluminium pole is not only light weight but is  an incredibly sustainable material. Aluminium can be infinity recycled - so don't ever just throw that old umbrella out - send it off for recycling! 

We never overproduce and only do small runs each season. Our printing process is through heat transfer sublimation process which means so wastage and no dye into the water system.

What we create has to be something that is made to last and most of all protect your skin from the sun, which is why all our umbrellas are 50+ UPF.

Whilst we want our umbrellas to last a long time salt water and air can reduce the life span of a beach umbrella. We hope that our tips below can help you recycle/ reuse your beautiful umbrella once its reached its salty end to life (in many many years).

~Remove the canvas fabric and use as a round tablecloth.

~Remove fabric and cut into strips to weave your very own, unique rag bath mat (see Maryanne Moodies amazing 'On the Loom' book)

~ Reuse the fabric to make pillows, bags or an awesome picnic rug.

~The frame of the umbrella could be pulled apart and used a trestle for growing your backyard fruit and veggies, or you could sculpt your very own baby mobile.

~The pole itself would also work great for assisting small trees and plants grow by using it a ground spoke. 


We donate 2% of all profits to Sea Shepherd Australia. An amazing crew who are literally on the ground doing extreme hard yards to protect our oceans.