The Blue Planet

Salty Shadows aims to create ethically sourced and mindful products. All our umbrellas are designed here in Australia and are hand made with a company in China. The family run factory, works slowly and efficiently, ensuring that all employees are paid well and looked after, and we have seen this personally. To have a strong relationship with the makers of our product is so important in our process because they are our product.

Scrap material from the umbrella offcuts are used to create handles on our umbrella bags. Sourcing stock fabric making great use of something that would otherwise be left on the factory floor. A  steel pole is not only light weight but steel is  an incredibly sustainable material. Steel can be infinity recycled as steel - so don't ever just throw that old umbrella out - send it off for recycling! 

What we create has to be something that is made to last and most of all protect your skin from the sun, which is why all our umbrellas are 50+ UPF. Whilst not everything lasts forever we hope that our tips below can help you recycle/ reuse your beautiful umbrella once its reached its salty end to life. 

  • Remove the canvas fabric and use as a round tablecloth.
  • Remove fabric and cut into strips to weave your very own, unique rag bath mat (see Maryanne Moodies amazing 'On the Loom' book)
  • Reuse the fabric to make pillows, bags or an awesome picnic rug.
  • The frame of the umbrella could be pulled apart and used a trestle for growing your backyard fruit and veggies, or you could sculpt your very own baby mobile.
  • The pole itself would also work great for assisting small trees and plants grow by using it a ground spoke.